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Avoid majoring in the minor


Always avoid majoring in the minor and minoring in the major in life……there is a very thin line between the two as one can so easily replace the other at the twinkling of an eye. If left unchecked frequent minor leisure snacks or stop overs can so easily snick in unnoticed and transform themselves into core habits that claim a bigger slot in your daily routines..please don’t be fooled, majoring in the minor produces

very different results from those who stay the course through great constancy of purpose

Internal core strength.


Internal core strength is an inward force that propels your life to success against hostile life conditions, i,e in seasons when circumstances and people are hostile to you, you subdue their hostility to positives on which to propel your life to success; when they throw stones at you (to hurt you), you take those stones and build the foundation for success.

Staying the course


An important  step is to buy-in into your destiny and those specific life principles 100%; it means staying the course without any doubt or wavering. You stay the course by structuring your daily routines and actions in total alignment with your destiny. Of course, these are just general guidelines and not the details..

Take action now


Remember the experience of a frog that was in a container of water. Initially the water was cold; then it was heated to 30 degrees Celsius; the frog thought it was good that the water was getting warm; the heat was increased to 60 degrees; the frog was uncomfortable but still remained in the container; and finally the heat was increased to 100 degrees (boiling point); the frog tried to jump out but it was too late; it was already being cooked.


If you have challenges in certain areas of your life, take action now. Dont wait until it's too late. The time is now.