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Lving by design

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No middle road

There is no middle road; it's either you choose to live by design or you choose to live by default. It is not even sufficient to live life by intelligence alone; there are a lot of intelligent top corporate executives that have been defeated by life. 



Anything you want to achieve in your life you have to learn to complete its construction in your mind first before you can see it in your life. Even medical science agrees that 99% of patients who completely receive their healing in their mind first will always be healed of any disease, curable or incurable. When you have mastered the life skill of first completing the construction of things you want to achieve in your life in your mind,  then you will have started living by design and not by default. 



The first step you need to take in mastering the life skill of constructing and completing things in your mind before you can see them in your life is to have daily think sessions with yourself; starting from 10 minutes a day, then 30 minutes and then longer  where you spend more time with your self, away from all the social noises; knowing your original and authentic self because your greatness is in your uniqueness; no one else can reproduce your uniqueness. When you have discovered your uniqueness, you will have discovered the greatness in you.



Iam aware that the fast pace of life in the global village gives people little room to get away from all the social noises and electronic gadgets such as cell phones, tablets, ipads and tvs; which by the way, have started controlling us despite the fact that we still think we control them.



But rising beyond the ordinary in life demands a higher level of mental discipline and agility beyond social snacks and electronic facades.



Living by design: For top corporate executives


The corridors of corporate power can be very hostile, not only to newbies but even to the most successful and seasoned top notch executives.  When you have mastered the life skill of creating and mantaining your own life chemistry that overwhelms internal and external challlenges, nomatter how severe,  then you will have started  living by design and not by default, it means you will have understood the importance of MAKING THINGS HAPPEN rather than LETTING THINGS HAPPEN in your life 



When you LET THINGS HAPPEN in your life; then a lot of things you don't want will happen because you will have surrendered your life to fate. The difference between living by design and living by default is having great constancy of purpose.



Here is the key, when you have a well defined purpose or destiny in life  then you will also be forced to define certain specifics you need  in order to achieve that destiny. Those specifics are called your personal infrastructure and it includes such things  as the kind of behaviour your destiny demands from you, the kind of friends you have to associate with, your daily entertainment habits, your financial and spending habits, your physical fitness, your mental agility, your daily  attitudes (for example,  if you are easily offended, you cannot make continued progress in life; an offended mindset is not breeding ground for success) and so on.



It is your personal infrastructure that carries you to your destiny. How fast you move towards your destiny depends on the quality of your personal infrastructure.

A lot of times the options we want are not readily available on the list offered by life. But who says our choices are limited by the list that has been commercialised by life.  Complying with the list offered by life only leads to piece meal, ordinary progress. Mega success in life comes from going beyond the list of options commercialised by life and designing and sustaining your own list of options that reflect your authenticity and originality; reflecting breakthrough ideas from the power of your own uniqueness

Living by design is not Telekinesis


The life skill of livng by design should not be confused with telekinetic powers or mind over matter, which is basically the human ability to move physical objects with your mind.












I admit there is some minor similarities between the two, except that telekinesis places an overbearing demand on the psycho powers of the human mind, where as living by design is based on the principle that where you mind goes, your internal and external circumstances will be compelled to follow without fail. 



The techniques of living by design allow you to use your mind to visualise and actualise what you want to achieve in your life with such a force field of laser-powered mental clarity and create by your mind,  a life chemistry,  that overwhelms you internal and external challenges, all around you and your destiny.